In this article, we are going to briefly talk about why video might be needed and spend most of our time on what video related options there are for the corporate world and the pro’s and con’s for each.
Countless business owners have discovered they need video content for one reason or another. Whether it’s to better compete, increase brand awareness, or simply inform their market better,  at some point every business owner discovers the value of video.
When the need for video is established, the next logical step for many is to start looking at their options. The first steps in the video investigation looks a bit different for everyone, but it’s important to identify the needs and objectives properly and be aware of the advantages to each option. Let’s dive in.
Why Video?
By combining the sensory stimulations of sight and sound, video content is already at an advantage when compared to other media channels such as radio or print. It’s never been easier than with video to get a message across so quickly or with as much impact, and that’s a good thing because attention spans are consistently getting shorter. It’s now close to two seconds for those who are first visiting a website, and in those two seconds, they are deciding if they actually are where they want to be. The battle for their attention is waging, and it’s best fought through video. Our explanation as to how video wins is coming next.
Let’s take a look at some other advertising mediums for a second. From our predecessors, we have learned that written messaging is the best for detail and direction, but it comes with a major draw back. Time.
For instance, on billboards written text takes a while to comprehend. The rule of thumb is that each word takes about one second for the human mind to process while driving, and that we have a maximum of six seconds where the ad will be in view of the driver. Six words isn’t much to work with which means our message very limited. It needs something more to help it work.
That’s where imagery comes in. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but it’s not commonly mentioned how quickly we comprehend them. It’s very fast and as an added bonus it speaks more than one language.
Audio based communications can deliver a longer and more personal message at a natural pace but can be easily missed if the audio was too quiet or even turned off, so it’s a bit easier for the audience to miss or ignore; however, there is a valuable opportunity to reach listeners while they are active (jogging, working out, studying, etc.)  and would otherwise be beyond the marketers grasp.
Video combines the advantages of quick comprehension of visual imagery, the detail and direction of written word and the personal touch of sound. Since all three styles are used throughout video, the drawbacks of each are cancelled out which creates a communication superhero. We’ve mentioned some more advantages of video regarding today’s consumer based societies.
Video can be found in many places, from smart phones resting in just about everyone’s pocket or purse to the monitor behind the counter at just about any given bank. It’s everywhere.
Video content provides the strongest emotional and memory based impact of any other communications media and will stay that way until we can taste, smell or touch media as well. This is important because people make buying decisions based heavily on their emotional state.
Accessibility is another advantage that video carries as it can be perceived by more than one sense and is available anywhere.
When transcribed, video content can drastically improve SEO through the abundance of written data for Google to work with.
Comprehension is greatly increased for the viewer as they would be able to see the functionality or concept in actual use.
So now we are all on the same page, let’s talk about what options there are for making videos and how to pick the most beneficial one for you. It boils down to three options.
Video Production Studios
In simple terms, video production studios produce video content but that’s where their service typically ends. This means that there isn't much consideration for some very important decisions which would be:
• Who is the target market?
• Would this video be appealing or offer something they would find value in?
• Where can we reach them?
• When should we share our message to generate the strongest response possible?
• If a positive ROI is the intention, will the video likely generate one?
• Is/was this video effective? (the big one)
And the list goes on.
There are a few valuable benefits to video production studios though. If you’re working with a marketing company already or have a marketing team in house and there’s no professional video talent already available, then a video production studio would be able to follow direction based on marketing data you’ve already collected and they would likely be able to provide you the service at a more affordable rate.
Video production studios can also be really good for tight deadlines because their goal (from a business perspective) is to make as many videos as they possibly can; so if you’re in a rush to get a video done that doesn’t require much strategy like a tutorial video for instance, then their service to you will meet your objectives. A word of warning however, their goal of pumping out videos as quick as possible may translate to a lesser quality result. Be sure to review their portfolio to prevent this.
Below are a list of questions you’d want to ask if you think a video production studio is the best option for you:
• Can I see your past work/ Portfolio? (the big one)
• Would there be any issues with my requesting changes to the video?
• How long would it take to make the video(s)?
• When would you charge more than your estimate predicts?
• Have you ever made this type of video before?
• Does the estimate cover the all the services needed? voice over, background music, animations, sound effects, etc.
• How is the payment made? Is it all up front, split, or paid upon completion
• Are there contracts/ agreements that need to be signed?
Video Marketing Companies
The advantages to video marketing companies most commonly outweigh those of the video production studios because they tend to offer the same services, although at additional cost.
Video marketing companies take video production to the next level by offering marketing services and insights as well; they will be ones who know when one video should be five and when five videos should really be one. With a digital world filled with millions of users on all kinds of platforms, these companies act as guides and advisors to help their clients navigate the way to the most advantageous position relating to their market..
App developers, crowdfunding initiatives, and most business should start looking at video marketing companies from the start and then use the factors listed below to decide whether or not a video marketing company will better meet their needs when compared to a video production company. The following questions would be in addition to the questions listed above for video production studios.
• What kind of results have you provided your past clients?
• How much ROI (return on investment) would you predict in my situation?
• Will you be able to make the videos or do you outsource?
Usually video marketing companies charge more to cover costs like data collection, strategy development, etc. but it’s also common that they would be able to provide video production as a stand alone service, so it’s a wise place to start the search.
Cloud Based Video Generators
As some of you may be aware, there are video providers that are based on self serve functionality. They provide the user with, the quickest results possible but at the cost of quality content, strategy, creative, and in some cases compatibility.
These services are very tempting to many of us and for that reason I’ve included the option in this article so that we can all navigate this services pitfalls without any damage to brand identity or values.
If you are certain that the specifications of the final video render are compatible with your social media platform, then it may be a good idea to see this as an opportunity for some quick interest generating posts. Some tips to keep in mind when making the video snippets.
• Test one before committing to multiple videos
• Make sure that your exact brand color codes are being used
• Make sure your logo is crisp and clear
• Review your brand values constantly while making the video and make sure the content is appropriate as well
• Double check what currency is being used (USD vs the CAD)
• Triple check your spelling and grammar
Feel free to reach out to us before you post the video for a professionals perspective as we may be able to prevent anything detrimental from going public.
Now that we've looked through the options together, you may still be asking which option is right for you? Feel free to send us an email. We'd be happy to help.
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