TalkMotion is a small motion graphic powerhouse that strives to create the best possible client experience and visual impact associated with their business. Starting with the brand, each project develops into it's own video masterpiece.
The dream and vision of what is now TalkMotion Inc. was that of Andrew Lawrance who founded the London (Ontario) based motion graphic studio in 2016. 
photograph of andrew lawrance

Andrew Lawrance  |  Founder & President

"I was thinking about the name and the direction of the business for a long time, but the idea came to me when I least expected it as the best things sometimes do." - Andrew Lawrance
The name TalkMotion was crafted to represent three key events our studio encounters with every client, which is 1. to start conversations about what motion graphics are and the advantages of their results, 2. to keep our clients messaging actively moving in production and 3. to have their message displayed in motion directly to their customer base or target markets.
The motion graphics industry has become incredibly popular as more digital marketing professionals have discovered the revolutionary advantages that come with the ultra-engaging media.
"I bring my background in graphic design into every project we take on. I actually discovered the motion graphic industry during my years in the Advanced Graphic Design program at Fanshawe College here in London." - Andrew Lawrance
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