I want to start this article with a friendly reminder about a concept that is often forgotten. Among other things, video is an art form which means it relies on composition, color, movement and all the other principles of art and design to be effective; and like anything with a visual element, the better it looks the more effective it is at impressing people and holding their attention. I bring this up because I’ve seen it often overlooked and it’s important to realize the value in the look and feel of graphic work. Let’s dive into the next section with  a bit of Q & A.
What does video do for business?
From a business standpoint, *video acts as a digital salesman* who is speaking to everyone who comes to your website  looking to learn more about you or your offering. This means your video(s) needs to communicate your message and show your offering, reviews, and the value it provides. Most people decide a videos worth based on if these essentials are present, but that’s not enough for a thriving business. Not even close.
What should a video do for business?
A video made for business should deliver the message and should show the offering in some way as mentioned previously but also excite the viewers, hold their attention, and ultimately get them to take action and bring about a positive return on investment. This means the video needs to look and sound good enough to interrupt the viewers scan and bounce behaviour in order to be effective at its job. Where and how it’s used is very important as well but this article is about the video itself.
Why is the look of a video important?
I believe the best way to illustrate my point on this topic is to talk about what happens on a childs birthday. The look of a video is a lot like a present sitting among others waiting to be opened. The first one that gets opened is the one the child is most excited about. It’s the one that looks the best and that looks like it would fit what the child wants inside. The thing is, the child only knows what they can see, who it’s from and that (s)he has to decide which one is most likely to have what they wanted inside so they can start playing with it right away.

Video is similar in this regard, but people coming to your website don’t know you at first and don’t have the same understanding that you do about your industry. They and are making snap judgements about your business based on what they can see when they first land on your homepage. They want to know if your business can deliver and if they can get the service or product they are looking for. They first look at your website only knowing they need a solution, who’s offering one, and that they need it right away and commonly not much more. So your video needs to be clean, professional and attractive in order to leave a good impression and put your prospects minds at ease.

Like being well dressed and groomed for an important meeting, a good looking video offers the same first impression. It encourages a positive mindset regarding your business and lets them get excited about finding their solution and moving closer to the action of making the purchase.  
All in all
A good video is comprised of everything we’ve talked about. A strong message, the offering and a powerful look and feel. It should be exciting, attention grabbing, impressive and ultimately represent your business as clean, professional and successful. It should be interesting enough to interrupt their scan and bounce behaviour.
How to Tell if a Video is Bad
Here’s a few questions to think about when you’re trying to evaluate a video made for your business.
• Are there any technical issues with editing or sound?
• If text is used, is it legible? Is the messaging big enough to read? Are there spelling mistakes? Does the message flow or does it interrupt?
• How does the footage look? Is it dark and blurry? Is anyone in the video clearly separate from their environment? Is there a lot of discolouration in the skin tones?
• If someone is speaking, are they loud and crunchy? Quiet? Are they only coming out of one speaker?
• If there are animations and graphics do they impress you? Are they interesting enough to have you replay the video to see them again?
• Does the video have simple and clear direction for the viewer and is it clearly branded by your business?
• Does the music sound fresh, exciting, vibrant, positive? Does it sound cheap or boring?
• When you compare this video to your competition, does your video impress?
• When comparing this video to any business currently doing well, does it feel like although the message is different, they are similar in quality?
• Would you be proud to show this video to your best client?
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